Nightstand Thought of the Day, On Yodeling

Nightstand Thought of the Day:

Did you know that Yodelahi is the Romansh word for a yodel instructor?

"Knock Knock." 
"Who's there?" 
"Yo-del-a-hii who?" 
"My work here is done."

Did you also know that the Romansh language isn’t found on Google Translate, so I can say anything I want and people will treat it as factual? I just chose Romansh because it’s spoken in Switzerland, thereby lending some credibility to my made-up non-fact. Unless you are one of 35,000ish people, you’re not going to immediately go “Uh, no it isn’t.” after reading this thing. Did you know that this font is an eyestrain if you have a monitor that’s really high resolution? However, because I specified a ‘point’ size instead of a ‘pixel’ size, there is a slight chance you’ll still be able to read it.